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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Fox-Pas: In April of last year, News Corp. chief Rupert Murdoch made a major speech in which he acknowledged the power of the Internet and claimed to understand its dynamic. Younger consumers, he said, "want to be able to use the information in a larger community--to talk about, to debate, to question, and even to meet the people who think about the world in similar or different ways."

That's what they want, but apparently News Corp. is not going to give it to them. The company bought MySpace, a file-sharing site for young adults, a few months after Murdoch's speech. Now, according to this report in The Independent, it's censoring messages that refer to rival sites. Says one angry netizen: "This is soooo like Fox and News Corp to try and secretly seal our mouths with duct tape."

When 600 members complained and threatened a boycott, News Corp. relented--and then shut down the blog forum on which the complaints had been made.


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