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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Bad Rap for Business Blogs: George Burns of the Chicago Tribune takes a look at corporate blogging (hat tip to Niall Cook at H&K) and comes away largely unimpressed. Burns makes a lot of good points about the pitfalls of corporate blogging—from too much corporate-speak to flogs to character blogs to blog payola, which I suppose was bound to happen eventually.

But if many of the individual points are valid, the overall tone is too negative. I think what Burns is seeing is the messy process of corporations figuring out how to do it right and in some cases straining with every nerve and fiber of their body to do it wrong. (They want all the benefits of blogging credibility, but without giving up control over the message.)

But there are companies that are getting it right—Burns alludes to Stonyfield Farms—and others will eventually learn from them.


  • At 1:43 PM, Blogger Chris said…

    Hello, Mr. Holmes-

    We were so thrilled that the Chicago Tribune article singled out the Stonyfield Farm blogs as an example of a company getting it right. I'm their Chief Blogger and I take great pride in our CE'Yo (that's what we call him--really) Gary Hirshberg's courage in 1) jumping into the blogosphere in 2004 with both feet (and a lot of hooves), and 2) his ability to just let go of it and see where the blogs would take us. They've taken us a great distance and into a wonderful world of authentic story-telling and just...well...chatting with our consumers. Our readers love The Bovine Bugle blog, where a wonderful farmer who happens, also, to be a wonderful writer, tells us about his daily life in northern Vermont, working the organic dairy farm that is one of many supplying Stonyfield with milk.

    More corporations would succeed at blogging if they were to do what Hirshberg did--jump in, and then stand back, letting the Content Be King.


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