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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Burson Blogs!: Harold is not the first leader of a top 10 PR firm to start his own blog, but at 85 he has to be the oldest. He kicks off with a post about his reading habits, which are truly prodigious. Most of my meetings with him have included a discussion about what he was reading at the time. Once he told me that he had surprised a Fortune (I think) reporter who was doing a story on CEO reading habits by telling her he read a book a week. Apparently most CEOs employ someone else to do their reading for them, or listen to audio books. Another time he bemoaned the fact that so many of his colleagues did not read much beyond the major national newspapers and a few business magazines. I'm not as big as Gallsworthy fan as he is, but I share his appetite for words, and I'm delighted he's going to nourish us with some of his.


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