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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Just in Time for the World Baseball Classic…: Todd Defren has launched The Good Pitch Blog. Though it turns out it’s a different kind of pitch he’s interested in. Launched partly in response to Richard Laermer and Kevin Dugan’s Bad Pitch Blog, (although it, despite the name, accepts good and bad pitch examples), the new blog is looking for examples of good pitches, press releases, etc.

Defren says that “despite some well-publicized examples to the contrary (payola, badpitch blog, etc.), there are plenty of great PR pros out there, doing good & honest work in the media and blogosphere.I've started a cheerleading section…. I am happy to promote all agencies' great work and great people,” he says, “in the hopes that people new to the PR game can eventually look to this blog as a resource.”

As you’ll gather from my next post, I am all in favor of improving the quality of pitches.


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