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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Where's the Shame?: Leslie Gaines-Ross links to a study by Stanford and Wharton business school professors showing that media coverage of excessive CEO compensation has little or no impact--at least in terms of reducing compensation to more acceptable level. She's surprised. Me, not so much. I've argued that CEOs should be forced (okay, encouraged) to fully disclose their compensation in their internal publications, and to explain to their employees why they deserve whatever they receive--especially if it's going up at a time when everyone else's salary is going down. But increasingly I think this is a group that's impervious to shame: the only people whose opinions matter to CEOs are other CEOs and boards of directors.

ADD: Steven Silvers over at Scatterbox looks at the new SEC rules on disclosure and wonders if they'll make a difference. Don't hold your breath.


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