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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Did German PR Expert Advocate Lying?: I hope that either something got lost in translation, or that SpinWatch is simply twisting his words, but if there’s any truth to this report of a speech by Klaus Kocks—former “chief spin doctor” for the German nuclear industry—then I’d hope to see a swift and uncompromising rebuttal of his remarks by a representative of the Germany PR industry.

According to SpinWatch, Kocks described himself as “strongly opposed to discriminating against lying” and suggested that adherence to the truth is “a neurotic obsession of Calvinistic witch hunters.”

The counterproductive aspect of a less than truthful approach to PR is captured in the story’s last line: “No doubt those worried about the safety of nuclear energy will be relieved to hear that those who say it is safe, cheap and environmentally friendly are simply engaged in a messaging strategy.”


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