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Thursday, May 11, 2006

One Good Telco?: Qwest is apparently the only telephone company that remembers what its supposed to mean that we live in a democracy. If these reports are accurate, the Denver-based company is the only one of the large telcos to refuse to provide access to the telephone records of millions of Americans—the vast majority of them with no links to al-Qaeda or other terrorist organizations—to the National Security Agency.

This story has yet to make the leap from the progressive blogs (such as this and this) to the mainstream media, but as more details emerge it seems clear that the administration’s spying on Americans goes far beyond listening in on people who are holding regular friendly chats with known terrorists and that most telephone companies were complicit in what was almost certainly a massive infringement of civil rights.

If Qwest recognized that this program was illegal so did the others… but they went along with it anyway. To be honest, I’d like to see the executives responsible for that decision doing serious hard time, but at the very least they should be held accountable in the marketplace for betraying their customers en masse.


  • At 11:42 AM, Blogger sevenpointman said…

    I just called a representative of Qwest to thank them for not caving in to the illegal wire-tapping data mining of millions of Americans. These actions must be confronted by trying to find out, through contact with your telephone server, if they can indicate to you if you were on the NSA list. If they refuse for any reason-then you must let them know you are contemplating organizing a class action suit against them. When enough people do this a decision must be made to approach legal experts on the feasability of suing these companies in federal court for domestic spying without legal ground, and on privacy regulations.
    I feel we, as activists, must get 1-2 million people to join in on this suit.
    If you have any suggestions how to do this contact me.

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