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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Taste Buds?: German beer lovers are lamenting the fact that the only brew available at upcoming World Cup games will be Budweiser, which doesn’t even meet the German definition of beer. Budweiser will be the only beer available inside World Cup stadiums, which means German and other discerning beer drinkers will have to choose between Bud and water—assuming they can tell the difference, for which they would need more refined taste buds than I.

According to this report in the Times of London, one Bavarian politician described Budweiser as “the worst beer in the world,” which suggests that he’s never been asked to endure a pint of Bud Light.

Look, I despise Budweiser as much as the next self-respecting European, but all of this anger is misplaced. Don’t blame Budweiser, which put up $4 million to sponsor a game most of its executives don’t even understand. (It actually runs a very nice, self-deprecating ad campaign built around this American cultural isolation in the U.K.) Where was Heineken? Or Carlsberg? Or Giuinness? They all had a chance to be part of the world’s largest sporting event—trust me, the Olympics are a very distant second—and passed.

Blame them, not Bud, if you can’t find a decent drink in Germany this summer.


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