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Friday, January 27, 2006

Welcome: Ronn Torossian, president of (extremely) fast-growing New York PR boutique 5W, has launched his own blog. Ronn has a bizarre client list that ranges from Fortune 100 companies to Israeli political figures to rap stars, and he's not shy about voicing opinions, so his blog should make interesting reading.

His first two posts suggest an eclectic mix. The first deals with Kanye West's personal branding efforts. The second addresses Ford's public relations efforts in the wake of announced job cuts, and he's impressed: "Simply put, Bill Ford’s presence creates the perception that Ford is forging ahead while their competition pauses to lick their wounds."


  • At 1:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Ronn Torossian; Founder and CEO of 5W PR brakes the silence in his blog!
    To read just click: http://ronntorossian.blogspot.com/

    The blog is like no other. How often do you get to see into the mind of the CEO of America's fasting growing PR company, 5W, from the man that runs it? Have you ever wondered what the CEO might read on a plane ride? Or perhaps what his take on the NBA’s recent gambling blunders? Perhaps you are more interested on how crisis communications really works.

    When it comes to showing the truth about the people behind the industry, Torossian’s blog is insightful, compelling and updated at least once a week.


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