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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Suing the Telecom Company: The Electronic Frontier Foundation, which is dedicated to "protecting our civil liberties in the networked world," has filed a class action suit against AT&T for collaborating with the Bush administration's "massive and illegal program to wiretap and data-mine Americans' communications."
The lawsuit alleges that AT&T Corp. has opened its key telecommunications facilities and databases to direct access by the NSA and/or other government agencies, thereby disclosing to the government the contents of its customers' communications as well as detailed communications records about millions of its customers, including the lawsuit's class members.

The lawsuit also alleges that AT&T has given the government unfettered access to its over 300 terabyte "Daytona" database of caller information -- one of the largest databases in the world. Moreover, by opening its network and databases to wholesale surveillance by the NSA, EFF alleges that AT&T has violated the
privacy of its customers and the people they call and email, as well as broken longstanding communications privacy laws.

The lawsuit also alleges that AT&T continues to assist the government in its secret surveillance of millions of Americans. EFF, on behalf of a nationwide class of AT&T customers, is suing to stop this illegal conduct and hold AT&T responsible for its illegal collaboration in the government's domestic spying program, which has violated the law and damaged the fundamental freedoms of the American public.

I won't take full credit, but I did suggest someone take legal action about this back on January 3. Now, how do I sign up to find out if I was illegally wire-tapped?


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