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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Shaw Thing: Via Scobleizer (see below), I am directed to Frank Shaw’s blog. Frank leads the Microsoft account—or, more accurately, accounts—at Waggener Edstrom, so he’s obviously a pretty smart dude.

He has some interesting perspective on Scoble’s departure and the (bright) future of blogging in Redmond: “The world does not spin backwards – we are all on the road to transparency, like it or not.” And he takes on Nicholas Carr, who worries about the impact of the company’s “human face” taking that face to another company.

Says Shaw: “His view seems to be that a high profile blogger at a company, one who becomes the human face for the company, is a bad thing, because he or she might leave…. By that same token, a high profile CEO, one who becomes the human face for his company, well, that could accrue more to the CEO bottom line than that of the company…. Let’s say it again – blogging is just another example of transparency in society, in business, in government. Someone who blogs for a company accrues value (assuming good blogging) in the same way someone who makes customer calls, gives speeches, etc., does. It’s another channel of communication and conversation.”


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