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Sunday, April 23, 2006

GM Blogs On: General Motors, an old line company that has embraced the new media with enthusiasm and savvy, is expanding its engagement with the blogosphere. The company’s FastLane blog, which is the province of a handful of senior executives—most notably chairman Bob Lutz—is now being supplemented by a new blog at fyi.gmblogs.com, designed to give all of the company’s employees an opportunity to talk to the public.

“The FYI blog will highlight the positive developments that occur at GM on a daily basis, though we won’t shy away from controversy,” says Michael Wiley, GM’s director of new media. “Whereas the FastLane blog usually gets new entries once or twice a week, the FYI blog aspires to be much more active.” The new blog will also include posts from outsiders, the company says.

“Our hope is that this will be an effective way to spread the conversation about GM; that we can continue to get better at listening and maintaining the dialogue, and ultimately, create products and services that not only meet your needs but are truly the best,” said Wiley in his first post.

Sounds good.


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