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Sunday, April 23, 2006

No More Mac Blogging: Anyone blogging on an Apple computer should seriously consider switching to the PC. That’s advice that has nothing to do with relative merits of the Mac vs. PC debate and everything to do with Apple’s ongoing attempt to delegitimize the art of blogging.

Apple’s refusal to countenance blogging among its own employees is legendary—the product of a control-freak culture—but the company is also continuing to push legal action against reporters (who happen to be bloggers) who distributed information the company considered confidential.

Apple’s lawyers say in court documents that Web scribes are not “legitimate members of the press” and were successful in persuading a lower court judge that they were right. “Unlike the whistleblower who discloses a health, safety or welfare hazard affecting all, or the government employee who reveals mismanagement or worse by our public officials, (the Macintosh news sites) are doing nothing more than feeding the public’s insatiable desire for information,” the judge wrote.

Freeding the public’s insatiable desire for information is, of course, what journalists—mainstream and blogging—are supposed to do. And more to the point, it’s what the First Amendment is supposed to protect. And the fact that Apple is taking a stand against both blogging and the First Amendment, while not surprising given the company’s history and culture, should give some of its champions pause.


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