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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Lay’s Eulogy: Disgraced Enron chairman Ken Lay’s greater public relations triumph—dropping dead before he could rot away as he deserved in prison—continued with rapturous eulogies at his funeral.

I don’t expect much in the way of ethical seriousness from any man of the cloth, but the Rev. William Lawson, pastor emeritus at the Baptist church that Lay frequented without any apparent sense or irony, appears to be particularly challenged in terms of his understanding of right and wrong, likening the crooked Bush crony to an innocent black man who was lynched and dragged to death by a car.

“Ken Lay was neither black nor poor, as James Byrd was, but I’m angry because Ken was the victim of a lynching,” said Lawson, who “predicted that history will vindicate Lay.” That’s the kind of thing that makes me believe I believed in an afterlife, so that Lay and Lawson could one day be reunited in a warmer climate.


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